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iconWelcome to join us. We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community.
icon1) Learn mathematics used in computer programming
icon2) Get familiar with computer software and programming.
icon3) Volunteer in our community.
icon4) Create a data-driven computer application to domostrate your programming skills and leadership.


iconWelcome to register our activities. Some activities are not listed here.
icon1) Computer coding in the open source project of COVID19VIZ on every weekend.
icon2) Learning the math used in programming.
icon3) Volunteering events such as cleaning up our parks.
icon4) Visit a public health organization and donate every half year.


iconThis Nonprofit Organization, data public organization was founded in April, 2020 by:
iconDennis Yang, student in Grade 10, Troy High School, MI USA.
iconYihan Wang (Luna), student in Grade 9, Troy High School, MI USA.

Project #1: Open Source Project COVID19VIZ

iconCoronavirus map
In the world
iconCOVID-19 in USA
Visualization and Prediction

Project #2: math for computer, math4computer

In the coding
In the coding
iconPermutation and sorting
In the coding
iconArrangement and fitting
In the coding

Project #3: python for Machine Learning

iconPython Tutorial for Beginners
Learning python from the beginning
iconMachine Learning Tutorial Python (Study now!)
What is machine learning, deep learning? Machine learning applications in real life
iconDeep Learning Tutorial.
Neural Network Learning.

Project #4: summer project

iconSolve questions of subjects in high school with AI such as math, English
for summer in 2021 (enroll now!)
iconOpen source project (coming soon)
For Bioinformatics with Python Cookbook, Second Edition.

Friendly links

iconLuna Skills
Art, Music and Coding
iconBest Judy
Art, Music and Coding
iconOX rent Cloud
Rent management, Electronic receipts.
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Email: datapublic.org@gmail.com
Ph: 001-248-7066-8499
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