Yay or Nay: Should Your Workplace Look Like a Home?

Modern office interior

Office designs today will be totally unrecognizable if you’re looking at them from the ‘70s. The workplace doesn’t look like a “workplace” anymore. Equipped with snazzy kitchens, game rooms, a TV lounge, and nap stations, offices today look more like a typical home. Many businesses gave in to this trend already, but laggers are still asking, “Should my workplace appear like a cozy residence?”

The Crucial Aspect to Consider

The home-away-from-home office design concept took off because of its benefits. Some businesses saw a change in employee morale and workplace atmosphere, while others experienced increased interaction among workers. All of this is a product of a relaxed vibe the home-away-from-home concept created. But there’s also one crucial element that’s often overlooked here — brand identity.

When you look closely, the first companies that adopted these over-the-top designs are in the tech industry. These are organizations committed to innovation, and they brought that out in their office design. The benefits of the home-away-from-home concept are essentially perks of staying true to brand identity and values.

Therefore, your brand is the one crucial aspect you need to consider in every office design. In other words, your workplace shouldn’t just be a home to employees, it should be the home of your brand.

From Home-Away-from-Home Concept to the Brand’s Home

The first step towards designing your office, with brand identity as a priority, is your choice of furniture. With different colors, textures, and materials available, you’re able to reflect your company’s character better in these pieces.

For instance, you will notice ad agencies or cosmetic companies having quirky, bright-colored seating furniture in their space to be consistent with their commitment to creativity. Many businesses get used office furniture that Salt Lake City online stores to offer as they’re more affordable and the buying process is less stressful. Consider doing the same.

The next step is to fill your walls with visuals of your brand. This will help inspire employees, boosting their morale and the workplace atmosphere and improving interaction and creativity. With this, you established a home for the brand and created the home-away-from-home vibe.

Should you have a workplace that looks like home? The answer all depends on your brand identity and company values.