Work that Bling: A Definitive Guide to Wearing Jewelry at Work


The phrase “dress for success” exists for a reason. No matter what industry or office setting you’re in, wearing the appropriate attire matters. Studies have shown that wearing the right attire in the workplace affects your confidence and people’s perception of you.

But, some people don’t have a variety of styles to choose from. This is where pieces of jewelry and accessories come in. Accessorizing can make you go from drab to fab in a snap. It can be tricky, though, so here’s a guide on how you can wear jewelry at work.

1. Attract, not distract

Earrings that are too large or bracelets stacked together that make noise are distracting. Utah-based AAA Jewelers suggests that you think of jewelry as a finishing piece to your look. You don’t want people to focus on your accessories and not on what you’re saying. Instead, your accessories should bring your attire together so that you’d look polished and commanding in front of everyone.

2. The more, the messier

If you’re going to wear accessories to work, it’s best to just stick to one. Wearing all kinds of jewelry at once will make you look too embellished and flashy. Again, your aim is for these pieces to pull your look together. If you have too many accessories on, chances are you’ll look messy and overdone.

3. Invest in a statement piece

If you’re only wearing one type of accessory, invest on a statement piece. Finely-cut diamond earrings or a luxury wristwatch will bring a classy look to your ensemble. Even a chunky necklace, when worn with monochromatic attire and without other accessories, is a statement piece that can take your look to the next level.

The most important thing when putting on accessories is to let your personality reflect on your choices. Items you identify with can boost your confidence. So choose pieces of jewelry that let you have fun, make you look professional, and let your personality shine through.