Why Improving Roadside Construction Starts with Safety

construction worker cutting Asphalt paving stabs for sidewalk using a cut-off saw

All roadworks — minor or major, both current and scheduled — require properly equipped workers who have the qualifications to carry out specific construction work. While these types of jobs have a greater safety and security risk, those conducted on, beside, and near the roads have even more dangers associated with them.

This is why road construction organisations need to invest in the correct road safety equipment. The use of these tools and devices not only safeguards the workers themselves, but other people using the road as well. Here are just a few of these pieces of essential equipment for on-site work safety:

For better visibility

Given the hazards of road construction, it’s crucial for workers to conduct their responsibilities in an environment with high visibility. Fluorescent or reflective wear, including hats, clothes, vests, and armbands can all make a huge difference in worker safety.

It’s also necessary to have personal safety lights, which anybody can use both indoors and outdoors and usually have clips for easy mounting. This doesn’t only help workers to see each other, it helps motorists see that there’s an ongoing construction.

Signage and road barriers

Traffic cones, hazard lamps, barrier boards and meshes, extendable rails, and other clear and highly visible signage are also some of the most important must-haves for roadside construction safety. These all contribute to proper traffic management, such as rerouting or redirecting traffic during rush hour, which then allows construction workers to conduct their jobs safely and with fewer distractions and disruptions.

Motorists will also be informed that there’s a roadwork ahead, so they can decide earlier if they should still take the road or find an alternate route. At the same time, they also help minimise the risks of motorists and pedestrians finding themselves in danger of falling debris and other similar construction hazards.

Road safety is important regardless of the construction and people involved. If you do this correctly, then you can get things done easier and faster without an accident.