Why Coworking Spaces Are the Offices of the Future — And Your New Business Opportunity

Coworking office space

As the world of employment continues to evolve, so does the setup of workspaces. The need for shared workspaces is continuously rising each year, making a coworking space franchises one of the most innovative business models today. Venture X explains the basics.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space, also called a shared workspace, can be leased on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

These spaces range from desk spaces to office suites, from boardrooms to large common work areas, equipped with everything that you can find in a traditional office setup, including a front desk, a lunchroom and sometimes even a café.

Who needs it?

Although the traditional office setup is here to stay, some of these places are embracing the concept of a shared space. There are more remote workers than you might think.

And there is a growing need for working spaces that offer the flexibility in terms of use and lease. This is ideal for startups, freelancers, part-timers or home-based businesses.

They need to work in office spaces from time to time, hold business meetings or rent a permanent desk that has the convenience of a traditional office setup they can use depending on their preferred schedule.

What Makes it a good business?

The business trend for coworking spaces has continued to rise since its inception in 2013. Since then, remote jobs and freelance work have also increased, creating jobs doable from home or places outside a regular office.

There are also more startups as well as traditional businesses that prefer the option of simply renting out a boardroom or a training venue on a scheduled or seasonal basis on special cases.

The number of remote workers and start-up business only grows larger every year, making a coworking space franchise a logical investment route to take.

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