Which Types of Metals are Recyclable?

Train wheels and scrap metal for recycling

Recycling metal is one of the ways of protecting the environment. You also get to earn money while you are at it. Sorting your metal before going to a metal recycling centre not only makes work easy for the workers but also pays more than when you deliver unsorted metal. But which kinds of metals are recyclable?


Aluminium is a common metal, which is available in most household goods and building materials. Aluminium is also available in sheet metal, window frames, and cans. The turnaround time for recycling aluminium is shorter than that of other metals. The process of recycling aluminium takes less energy, which is a significant advantage.


Iron is black metal and among the toughest metals around. Its strength suits its application in making rails and gates. A sure test of detecting iron is testing the magnetic properties of the metal since iron is a strong magnetic material.


Copper is mostly available in building materials. Copper is a rare commodity hence highly prized for recycling purposes. The recycling process for copper is also easy like that of aluminium. Copper comes in different grades: copper #1 and #2 with the differences in the purity of the metal.

Stainless Steel

The majority of kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures are de of stainless steel. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel hence rust-resistant. Like copper, stainless steel is available in different finishes. The quality of the stainless steel determines the price you get for trading your metal.

Other recyclable metals include nitronic, Inconel, molybdenum, and Hastelloy. Although these metals are rare to find, they are strong and are applicable for recycling.

The metal recycling industry is growing by the day since more people appreciate the need for recycling metal. Knowing your metals and being able to differentiate them is critical before you look for recycling services.