Where to Buy a New or a Used Car

Young happy woman near a black car she just bought

Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a certain type/brand of car, you need to decide where to buy it. There are plenty of options and each has their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to learn more about their pros and cons to help you choose the right one.

Licensed Car Dealership

This has many advantages, as the dealer will need to guarantee that there is no balance owing on the vehicle. They, furthermore, will give you relevant information about the car like modifications that may affect your decision to buy it. Dealerships will also need to provide the guarantee to fix defects that the car might have after the purchase. Car sale experts in Auckland say it is a safe option, as you can test drive the car and many dealers also offer insurance and financing assistance.

Private Buying

This option can be risky, as you need to rely on your judgement in making sure that the purchase is legitimate. Also, you need to arrange for a vehicle inspection on your own and make sure that the car in not stolen or encumbered. 

According to Citizen’s Advice Bureau, you will need to have a thorough mechanical inspection of the car, as well check the vehicle licensing (make sure it is up-to-date) or if the car has a Warrant of Fitness.

Buying at an Auction

This allows you to get a better bargain, but note that there are risks like not being able to take the car for a test drive. You can arrange for an inspection, but you cannot do it on the auction day. 

If you later found out that the car was damaged, the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) and the Fair Trading Act (FTA) can cover you depending on when you bought it and whether the auctioneer is a private individual. The FTA can only protect you if you purchase through a registered auctioneer.

Car Market and Online Sales

Buying from a car market is still buying a car privately, as there are no guarantees from the dealer. When buying online, it could be buying from a dealer or a private individual. This also means losing the opportunity to test drive the car or have it inspected.

Car dealerships are always the safest choice when buying. You will have protection under FTA and CGA, as well as Motor Sale Vehicles Act (MVSA) and Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA).