What Type of Footwear Will Go with Your Outfit?

Assorted boots on a shelf

A look is not complete without the proper footwear to go with it. Some people say that you should always choose a decent pair of shoes because subconsciously, it is the first thing that people notice. It might be true or not, but one thing is for sure: you must wear something nice and appropriate if you wish to be stylish and turn heads. Here are some of the common types of shoes and tips on when to wear them.


People commonly use this footwear during autumn. But some might wonder if they can pull them off with a normal getup. There are also different types of boots. For example, work boots usually go with khaki pants or shorts. Hiking boots, of course, suits ventures on the forest and mountain. Dress boots made famous by the Beatles could go with formal wear. Lastly, western or cowboy boots could be pulled off with confidence. As A.A. Callister puts it, cowboy boots for men are not too flashy if used with a normal get up.

Athletic Shoes

Running shoes, basketball shoes, soccer shoes, tennis shoes — these are just some types of athletic shoes. Most of them have a lightweight and comfortable design suited for active people. Some of these can also be worn casually if your goal is to be comfortable throughout the day.

Dress Shoes

Most use these shoes for a formal event. Depending on your ability to choose the correct shoes for your suit or ball gown, they could help elevate the look. Women’s footwear could be wedges, stilettos, and pumps, and they should be able to choose something they are comfortable in without sacrificing the style that they want and with the style that suits them. Menswear varies from brogues to Oxfords and slip-ons. They say that Oxfords are the best footwear for a formal event because it is not too lacey and still look classy. Slip-ons are just the less formal version of it.

Casual Wear

This type includes saddle shoes, boat shoes, canvas shoes, and sandals. It goes with any casual wear and is easy to style.

You see, there are wide ranges of footwear. The most important thing to make sure is that they go with what you are wearing, and remember to check the quality before buying. Always remember to be wise when spending your money.