Web Check: A Must Before Launching

Website Testing On Laptop and TabletNowadays, having a website is a must for businesses, big and small alike. A website not only tells people more about the business and their services, but it also serves as a platform of communication to connect the company with its clients.

Thus, it is not a surprise why people undergo web testing, usually with software like Selenium, before launching their websites. Here are some other things you need to take note of before the big launch to make sure that everything is perfect on D-day.

Things to test before launching your website

Titles and Metadata

Make sure every page has a unique title tag. Do not underestimate the power of SEO as your title tag allows search engines to bring people to your page. Also, having a meta description to help your visitors have a peek on what your website is about.


Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. A small spelling mistake on your website can cost you your company’s image and credibility.


How fast do your pages load? Your speed can make or break your website’s performance. People don’t like waiting, let alone stare at a blank screen for your page. Check again and again your site speed and do the necessary alterations if needed.


Does your site works on various devices? Or it only works when accessed through a computer? Aside from making sure it works with different devices, testing in on different browsers is as important.


Having your links is not enough. Make sure all of them works and that your visitors know that it is, in fact, a link. Make it stand out. Click on the link and check it one by one.


Make sure your contact forms and other aspects that require visitor information and participation are working. Let your friends and family use it, and have a dry run with your visitors to witness first hand what are the areas to improve at.

Launching a website is more than just having the right photos and content. Luckily, there are tools to make checking a lot easier. Utilize them and maximize the reach of your website in no time.