Top Reasons to Implement Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

A businessman on his computerThe development of content delivery networks has vastly improved the web experience for users.

Compared to the centralised single-server content hosts of the early Internet, content caching and delivery networks allow for a more streamlined web experience for end-users regardless of their geographic location. But what is content caching and why should you consider using it for your web applications?

CDNs (content delivery networks) are a network of servers that store data in distributed locations throughout the globe, making data access faster for the end-user. When an end-user makes a request on your app, the server closest to the user will provide the data previously cached on it and will only make a new request to the backend database if this data is not available.

Here are some great reasons using a CDN would be an advantage for your app or organisation:

Cost efficiency and speed

CDNs make data access more cost-efficient. Caching data on an edge server requires making fewer calls to the back-end server, saving bandwidth and data. This also means that users can access the data more quickly no matter their geographic location. With today’s users rising expectations, quicker access to data can mean the difference between popularity or obscurity for your app.

High-capacity infrastructure

Advancements in technology mean that apps and websites are more data-hungry than ever before, making it difficult for traditional web servers to keep up. CDNs often have better high-scale infrastructure than your typical hosting provider, which means that they have less latency and better uptime.

SEO benefits

Page speed affects page rankings on Google, and search engines often factor loading time into their search result formula. Web pages that do not take advantage of the speed optimisations that CDNs offer are often left in the dust of their competition, acquiring lower rankings in search results.

These are only some of the key benefits you can expect when using a CDN. When properly used, caching is an incredibly versatile tool that helps you reach your customers and give them the best experience on the Web.