Tips for Upholding Your Cyber Security When Using Car Rentals


Renting a car is the ideal way to take a road trip and explore new towns. It gives you an excellent alternative to get around while giving your car some time out. Unfortunately, reminds car rental users that simple mistakes when using a rented car might leave you exposed to cyber attacks.

Rental cars today come with various hands-free and infotainment systems designed to boost customer experience. Luckily, with some caution, your use of a weekend car rental from an Auckland company will not compromise your cybersecurity. Here are some of these safety tips.

Enter Addresses Manually

It is quick and convenient to connect a car’s infotainment system to your phone. This, however, leaves the data from your phone in the car’s system once you hand it in. Hackers also at times install malware in a rental car’s system, which gives them access to your data immediately when you connect the phone. To minimise this risk, enter your addresses manually.

Use a Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Phone Charging

Using USB cables for charging phones in the car put you at risk of viruses and cybercrime. Some hackers can steal your data using the car’s USB port. To minimise this risk, it is advisable to charge your phone via a cigarette lighter adapter rather than the USB.

Audit Phone Settings When Connecting to a Car’s Bluetooth

Should you opt to sync a rental car’s entertainment to your phone using Bluetooth, review the phone’s settings first. A vehicle’s entertainment system will ask for authorisation to access your phone’s information when using Bluetooth. Be careful about the information you allow to be shared.

With the above strategies, you can now use a rental car assured of your data’s safety. After using the vehicle, ensure you delete any information you might have shared with the infotainment system. The car rental company you choose should also be reputable to guarantee your cybersecurity.