The Impact of Different Relationship Statuses on Australian Wills

happy couple

Various things influence your will’s validity. Australian residents are particularly meticulous about their relationship status. Hence, it is imperative to procure the services of lawyers in Charters Towers to ensure that your will reflects your current relationship. The following tidbits will help you understand how your relationship status affects your will:


An existing will is rendered invalid after a legal marriage. This invalidation is not much of an issue in a first marriage but has a significant impact if you have kids from a former marriage and an ex-spouse. If you do not update your will after your marriage, then your ex will be the primary inheritor of your estate. However, this will not be the case if the will says you prepared it “in contemplation of marriage.”


The impact of divorce on a will is different in various states. Some jurisdictions automatically invalidate your entire will after a divorce. In other areas, your divorce will only revoke your ex’s right to execute your will and relinquish all gifts bequeathed to him or her.


Some couples opt for separation instead of divorce to look for a solution to their marital woes. A legal separation has no impact on your will’s validity. Unless you state otherwise, your spouse will be the heir and executor of your state if you die during the separation period.

Your will carefully states your intentions concerning your estate. Its creation is straightforward and inexpensive, especially when handled by a reputable law firm. Remember that it is essential to update the will as your relationship status changes.