The Basics of Industrial Water Pump Maintenance

Men calibrating water pump system

Industrial water pumps require proper and consistent maintenance. This will ensure that they run smoothly and efficiently at all times. Failure to conduct well-scheduled maintenance could compromise the lifespan of these pumps, turning them into potential business liabilities as opposed to assets.

Common Causes of Pump Malfunctions

An array of triggers cause industrial water pump malfunctions. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Shifts in ambient temperatures within facilities
  • Shifts in humidity and other weather conditions
  • Shifts in hydraulic operating point
  • Improperly anchored line shock from piping
  • Sharp bends, instead of gentle curves, in piping systems
  • High volume at high flow rates
  • Shifts in product force and velocity

It is in your best interest to anticipate and avoid these problems by following a maintenance schedule guided by a comprehensive checklist.

Water Pump Maintenance

A simple and routine industrial water pump maintenance checklist should include: 1.) bearing and lubricant condition 2.) shaft seal condition 3.) overall pump vibration 4.) pump discharge pressure.

For quarterly maintenance, you must look into the pump’s structural integrity, shaft alignment, and the motor bearings for grease-lubricated pumps. Keep in mind that oil change should be done after the pump has operated for 200 hours, and every three months after that.

Annual checkups should be done to assess the state of the pump flow rate, motor amp draw, and pump vibration signature. Complete records of these maintenance procedures should be duly accomplished and filed for quick retrieval and reference.

Achieving smooth and efficient operation is just the generic advantage to be had from proper and consistent industrial water pump maintenance. This core benefit can be narrowed down into specifics: less fuel usage, less operational costs, less downtime. Now whatever expenses you will have to shell out for maintenance, these benefits show that it surely is worth it.