Spring in Southern California: Flowers, Sun, and Pests

Springtime in Southern California is nothing short of stunning. Wildflowers bloom on foothills, and the weather is just right for fun outdoor activities. In fact, the world-famous Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival happens every spring in SoCal’s Indio.

It’s not all flowers and beautiful, temperate days, though. Bugs and pests are also coming out of hibernation, making it necessary to get home pest control in Corona, CA. Here are some creepy crawlies you are likely going to have to deal with come summer if you’re going to skip pest control duty this season.


Argentine and fire ants are common in homes during warmer weather. Although fire ants are bigger and more likely to bite you, both species can still be a nuisance since they gravitate toward food sources like kitchen pantries and outdoor picnics. Use white vinegar, a common ant repellant due to its strong smell, to get rid of small ant trails.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies will take over your trash if you don’t dispose of it properly. These pests like to swarm on rotting food, and once they start, a simple swat won’t be enough to drive them away.

Promptly and responsibly throwing away your garbage in sealed containers will prevent swarming from these small, but annoying flies.


The moist weather that spring brings is ideal for cockroaches because they naturally gravitate towards stagnant water and rotten foods. Although they don’t pose a serious threat to your home’s structure, they carry a lot of viruses on their body and spread diseases.

To ward off cockroaches, remove sources of moistures in your utility pipes by sealing cracks and holes. You should also regularly take out your trash.

Spring is an ideal time to enjoy the outdoors, but pests and bugs are also taking advantage of the weather to come out of hibernation. While there are preventive measures you can do to avoid them, a regular home pest control service should still be part of your spring checklist.