Social Media: A Small Business’s Gateway to More Customers

Social Media on a post it

Social media has transformed into more than a network where people come to connect. It has become a platform that offers opportunities for small business owners. Using social networking sites for your business can give you a wider audience and allow you to achieve sales targets.The smartest move today is to use social media for small business because it will pay off.

Here’s a quick look at what you can do:

Build Brand Presence with Authority

Facebook had about 2.23 billion monthly active users in the second quarter of 2018. With an effective Facebook page, you could connect to a greater number of potential customers. But how do you create a page that draws results?

Develop and solidify your brand image. Target the right market by creating buyer personas that allow you to produce the right posts. And establish your reputation by responding immediately to good and bad comments.

Talk to the Right Audience in the Right Platform

The Philippines remains on top among countries with the most active social media users. Facebook is the most active platform in the country. Facebook Messenger ranks second, followed by Twitter and Instagram. Twenty-nine percent of Filipinos use these social networking sites to search for and buy products and services.

But while Facebook is popular, it might not be what your target market uses. Maybe they use Twitter or Instagram more often. Find the right platform for your target audience, and you will obtain better results.

Know Your Customers’ Journey

It’s true that you should give your audience something to talk about, so they would share and like your posts. But your social media content still has to make sense for what your customers seek. This means figuring out where in the buyer’s journey they fall. Are they still in the awareness stage or already in the decision stage? Knowing where your customers are in terms of their journey will tell you how to create content for them.

Social media can offer up a world of opportunities, whether you run a startup or an established business. Maximize its potential and your results with the right approach.