Simple Cleaning Tips to Remove Oil Stains

Maid checking clothes for stains before doing laundry

Doing anything that involves the use of oil is often a messy process. The oil can spill over onto your floors, water supply and even onto your clothes. The trouble with oil is that it is often hard to remove. Fortunately, there are some cleaning tips that can help you remove even the most stubborn oil stains.

Spill Control

Using spill control products is one of the best ways to deal with oil stains. Argyle Commercial agrees that these products help neutralise oil spills so they do not spread further. They soak up the oily residue and even remove stains from flooring and other areas. Speak to a professional near you about spill control products that will work best for your facility.

Clothing Stains

It is not uncommon to spill oil on your clothing. Fortunately, it is possible to remove oil stains from your clothes. Experts suggest that you apply baking powder to regular fabrics before applying dish soap. Throw your clothing in the washer and dryer as normal. For wool, use corn starch before soaking the item in a mixture of cold water and dish soap, then wring the garment out and lay it out to dry.

Tough Stains

Sometimes you will find that removing oil stains is not as easy as you hoped or imagined. For instance, if you come across oil spills that have reached the point of a cold, sticky magnet for dust, it is time to break out more oil. Experts recommend lifting old oil stains using more oil, since the oil will soften the hardened oil stain, allowing you to break it up and remove it.

Oil spills in your facility might be messy and frustrating, but it's possible to keep them from spreading and causing more problems. Following these simple tips is a good start. Ask the professionals for more ideas and recommendations.