Rules of Etiquette: Observing Proper Behaviour in an Office Event

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When you have to attend an office party, whether it’s a formal company dinner in a premier function venue like The Royal or a simple picnic for the summer in North Brisbane, you should still be mindful of your behaviour. While it’s an event where you can have fun, technically, you’re still at work. It’s an excellent opportunity to socialise with your coworkers, but you should never forget that they’re not necessarily your friends – they’re your colleagues. Keep in mind that the impression you make on this event will have an enormous impact on your corporate ambitions.

So, how do you keep a right balance? Here are three things you should remember:

Dress Appropriately

This may sound like a given, but many people still forget that office parties are not the place to go bold when it comes to your sartorial choices. You don’t necessarily have to wear a professional business attire, but you should still look presentable. For women, don’t show too much skin. Remember that even if the event takes place after office hours, you’re still expected to look and be respectable.

Understand the Difference Between Optional and Mandatory Attendance

If your company’s CEO is hosting a companywide event at his private resort outside of town, declining is never an option. For events like this, your absence will be noted, and this may affect your performance evaluation. But, if you’re invited to a colleague’s wedding who’s not necessarily someone you’re close with at work, feel free to politely decline the invite and avoid any possible faux pas you may commit that could affect your position. If there’s a clear distinction between the people at work whom you consider personal friends and your business associates, things become less complicated.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

The dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, especially in a company event, are well known. Going beyond your limits can be dangerous to your office reputation, as you’re more likely to spill your thoughts about your boss, coworkers and your job that may not be necessarily positive. But, if you must imbibe, one drink is enough.

It’s all right to have fun at a company party, but always remember to act like a proper adult.

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