Preparations: Wedding Reception Decorating Ideas

Wedding Planner with Bride

A wedding is a joyous time in which people celebrate the bond between two people. Couples and their near and dear ones, think about every detail of the wedding. They will also plan well to ensure that the itinerary on the big day flows seamlessly.

To get started, brainstorm decorating ideas for the wedding reception. This can be fun or stressful, depending on how well you plan for the occasion. The first step towards good planning is hiring a reputed wedding rental in Minneapolis. They can provide you with tables, chairs, linen, flowers, centerpieces, and other items for decoration. These companies also have consultants who can help plan your wedding reception in a unique way.

Wedding Themes and Colors

Themed weddings are achievable even on a tight budget. The timing and the season will play an important role in helping you pick a theme. Popular wedding themes include ethnic weddings, medieval feasts, sea themed weddings, Japanese themed wedding, and a Romeo and Juliet themed wedding reception.

For a spring wedding, decoration should be with light and fresh flowers. For a summer theme, you can use large decorations with neutral colors. For fall weddings, sunset colors like bright yellow shades will be best suited. For winter weddings, it’s good to stick to lighter shades and hues.

Flowers can be used to fulfill color requirements. Rose, marigolds, and apricot lilies are the most popular flowers. The lighting also plays a very important role in the decoration.

Wedding Table Decorating Ideas

It is important to ensure that the tables at the wedding reception are well decorated, with all the name settings in place. The fonts used for the names should be in line with the wedding theme. You can customize the name settings. Each table can have a sub-theme that is a takeoff on your wedding theme. Unique candle layouts on each table can impress the guests, as well. Satin cloth, flower decoration, and potted plants can make for a wonderfully romantic setting.

Do your research well and decide on the theme for your wedding. Then you can take your wedding rental company into confidence and implement your plans for your big day.