Practical Ways to Reduce Energy Bills in Your House

Homeowners would like to reduce their energy bills, but most have no idea how. Fortunately, with just the right knowledge, you may end up saving hundreds of dollars.

Here are three practical ways to cut down on utility costs, as suggested by Correct Energy New Mexico:

Light bulbs

Replacing existing bulbs with CFL’s can cut the lighting costs by up to $75: Normally, CFL, and LED lights’ power consumption is lower than that of ordinary bulbs, not to mention they have a longer lifespan.


Installing reflector panels at the back of your radiators will reflect the energy from the radiator back into the room by 95%. Some radiators available have valves that turn the radiator on and off at the set time after which the radiator booster sucks heat in and circulates it 50% more efficiently in the house.

Install solar panels

Solar energy is a free, recyclable, and clean. While installing solar panels in New Mexico might look expensive initially, you will recover the cost within a few years, especially when you use solar energy up to its full strength. Besides cutting down on your electricity bills, solar panels have fewer maintenance problems and can last long.

Unplug electric appliances when not in use

Don’t leave your gadgets and appliances plugged in for no reason. If you have heard of ‘the vampire drain’, then this is it. Even when they are off, your TV, treadmill and other electric appliances use energy when plugged in. This is because they have to power the IR receivers for the remote control to work.

If you have been getting ridiculous energy bills, some consciousness and deliberate action about your problems will help ensure that you make changes to reduce energy consumption. Follow this guide in order to increase your savings and improve the quality of your life.