Play the Ultimate Card Game: Use your Veterinary Reminder Cards to Grow that Pet Business

A reminder card pinned on wall

Pet care is a serious business. It means that you should take your issued veterinary appointments as seriously as any human medical appointment. Successful veterinary care clinics always ensure their clients know the importance of keeping appointments, be it an annual general examination, a monthly scheduled checkup or a post-treatment visit.

Truly Memorable Veterinary Cards

While standard plain reminder cards are useful and serve the purpose of reminding appointments, pet care clinics could level up the game a bit by creating versions that are hard to ignore, not only in their message and their looks but also in the manner of sending them.

Positive Impressions, LLC presents three ways to maximize fully the power of your veterinary reminder cards that will have both humans and pets queuing up in front of your clinic door in no time.

Create fresh-looking, irresistible reminder cards. Be it DIY or professionally printed, make sure you are using unique and hard-to-ignore cards that serve their core purpose: to remind. Along with your business branding elements (logos or mottos), be creative and imaginative. For instance, use actual pet photos of your client’s “ward” or work with your chosen veterinary card printing service to come up with a set of cards that will stand out not only from competition but also in your client’s deck of cards at home.

Mail your reminder card. Yes, use the postal service. Mailing is a low-cost investment to keep your client pool loyal to your business. Apart from the fact that anything mailed (invitations and reminders included) are more likely to be attended to compared to using other means, such as phone calls or text messages, mailing your cards is also a classy gesture and makes your client feel important. The physical cards are likely to be stored in the client’s desks or pinned on walls where they can constantly be reminded of the big pet day.

Create a reminder system. Integrate your reminder card with one or more mobile communication channels (text or your preferred app like Messenger or Viber). Almost everyone uses a smartphone, so make use of its features to your business’s advantage. You can send a message a day before or early on the day itself, integrating a photo of your previously mailed reminder card. There are reminder system apps available (free or subscription-based) that can help you integrate your reminder cards with online and phone messaging.

Investing time and effort in creating and sending veterinary reminder cards help boost client loyalty and satisfaction, knowing that their pet care facility of choice puts a premium on pet service that truly cares.