Paper Types for Wedding Invitation: A List to Choose From

A wedding invitation card

A wedding day is more than a ceremony. All the details that lead to the big day are important. This is the reason couples give such high importance to wedding invitations. They might simply be giving a piece of paper, but this influences the mood and sets the tone leading to the wedding.

Therefore, looking for a wedding invitation maker is more than just looking for another stationery printer. To start off, it’s important to be familiar with the different kinds of paper you can use:

1. Matte

This is a common type of paper that does not let easily attract fingerprints. Matte finish topped with pastel colors or lettering gives a simple but elegant finish to your invitations.

2. Parchment

Want to have that old scroll effect? Then parchment paper is the right choice for you. The paper is run though sulfuric acid, giving it an old kind of finish.

3. Glossy

If the theme of your wedding is fun and light, glossy papers will help make the color of your invitation stand out. The extra layer of coating on the paper gives it a prominent and bright finish.

4. Vellum

This is actually a product of two different types of paper combined together. A frosted paper is put on top of an opaque paper to give it that kind of finish.

5. Cotton

Couples who want a clean and classic invitation cards often opt to go for cotton papers.

6. Glassine

This material is more often used in envelopes because it’s grease and water resistant. It’s also often used in photo albums to prevent pictures from sticking together.

7. Recycled

A popular choice for eco-friendly couples, recycled paper is made from recycled materials but comes in different styles and colors as well depending on your preference.

Decide on which paper type you would want to have your wedding invitations printed and everything will follow easily.