No to Household Clutter: Old Items to Get Rid of Now

Common household items that can be recycled

Here’s a simple truth: recycling is a win for everyone. You get to earn by ridding your house of old stuff, recyclers keep their business running, and the world becomes less cluttered. Did this pique your interest? Good, because the next step is to determine which objects in your household can be recycled.


If you have old bicycles lying around that you’d like to donate or reuse, you can get the help of waste management solution companies like LKM Recycling and hire a waste skip. You can have the bike’s metal frames repurposed and put into new bikes.

Telephone Directories

With the technological innovations that came with the digital age, telephone directories have fallen out of use. They can still be recycled though, in that pulp mills can make the pages into new sheets of paper.

Mobile Phones

Whether it’s clamshell phones or those with solid keypads, old mobiles could also be recycled. Manufacturers usually salvage the electronics and metal parts inside.


Car batteries or even small AAA ones could also be recycled. This way, they will not become a health hazard in your home once they start to leak the chemicals inside. Recycling shops are equipped with tools to handle old batteries, so there should be no problem handing these over to them.

Printer Cartridges

See those empty containers that used to be filled with ink? These printer cartridges can be used again by having them refilled with ink. These cartridges are mostly plastic and small, which could be hard to clean up once they get littered on the streets or in the ocean.

Recycling is a process that benefits everyone involved, whether you’re a homeowner, a manufacturer or Mother Nature. You make the world neater with every item recycled, and you also remove the need to exhaust natural resources to create new products from scratch. You may be ridding yourself of some old belongings, but remembering that you benefit from this leaves you with no regrets in recycling.