Massage Therapy: The Future Painkiller?

Woman having a massage therapyIn a recent scientific research conducted by the Evidence for Massage Therapy Working Group led by the Samueli Institute in Alexandria, Virginia, researchers concluded that based on evidence, massage therapy should be strongly recommended as a pain management option. For many massage therapy centers, such as Serenity Massages of the Palm Beaches, this could result in a gradual lessening of dependence on painkillers.

Overdoing it with pain medications

The American pharmaceutical industry has been leading the world in a multitude of treatments and cures for diseases thought uncurable. But some protest that they are overdoing it with chemicals.  Drug overdose has been a leading form of fatality in the United States. Researchers found that overdose deaths were linked primarily to prescription pain medications.

Softening the reliance on opiates

While opioids have proven to be effective pain medication since the Civil War, continued use and abuse have been proven to lead to physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Researchers write in Pain Medicine that “while massage therapy will not remove pain medications for a patient, it makes for an essential complementary treatment.” A massage could also help lessen a patient’s reliance on pain medications.

Safer than acupuncture and physical therapy

Searching 60 high-quality studies and seven low-quality studies published in between 1999 through 2013, the researchers also found that massage therapy provided other benefits and was relatively safer than acupuncture and physical therapy.


The idea that a Palm Beach Florida massage session could be as scientifically-sound as painkillers seem far-fetched at first. This perception is particularly the case in the West, where people often think there’s a “pill for every ill.” While massage therapy will not take over pain medications for a patient, it offers a refreshing, low-risk option. It is also known to free the nerves in the body and mind. The outcome of this research could probably be the first step towards the alleviation of pain not only physically but also psychologically.