Making Building Design Safe and Functional

Aiming for a safe and functional building design

There is a lot of planning involved in the construction of a home or a commercial building. It is not a simple matter of thinking up how you want the space to look and translating it to a floor plan. That in itself is difficult enough, and you would want to communicate with your architect to see these plans become a reality.

On top of that, there are restrictions, laws and limits that change the initial plan to make the structure safer and usable.

On Treads

When it comes to stairs, the material, dimensions and appearance are important factors. Treads should be comfortable to navigate, and in the case of concrete stair treads, there should be no awkward step that may cause accidents at the bottom or top landing. An experienced contractor will be aware of measurements and ratios that ensure each step’s safety, in compliance with building codes in Australia.

On Drywall

The use of fire-resistant but dangerous materials are now limited thanks to newer building requirements, but if you are restoring or renovating a house using these materials, you need to be in contact with people who know how to remove them safely. In the case of new buildings, the drywall should be made out of materials that can withstand extreme weather, temperature or forces of nature. Consider the security and durability of the building materials especially in areas prone to storms and earthquakes.

On Aesthetics

You should also consider how the building will look when completed. Whatever its purpose, anyone who views it should find it appealing or interesting. Whether it’s a private residence or commercial building, you need any structure to be functional and presentable. However, aesthetics should not overpower functionality. Ask the help of an architect who can give you the right balance between form and function.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to build from the ground up or you’re a property owner who wants to develop for commercial purposes, make sure that the structure is safe and livable.