Know What Type of Digger You Need

Excavator machineOne of the more common types of equipment in construction work is the digger. As the name implies, these are heavy machinery primarily for moving massive amounts of earth in the project area.

Using the wrong equipment for a task can not only lead to damages and lousy workmanship, but safety hazards for your operators as well. Before you proceed with looking at diggers for sale in NZ, you must familiarise yourself first with the different types of diggers from Bison Equipment.

Types of Diggers:


Excavators have a long “arm” in the front consisting of a boom and a stick with a large bucket at the end. This kind of digger is commonly used for landscaping, grading, and demolition work. Miners also use larger versions of this type of equipment. Smaller excavators are used in areas where either movement space is limited physically or via access policies.

Backhoe Loaders

Introduced in 1953, backhoe loaders are compact and versatile diggers that are handy for most types of construction projects where moderate digging is required. Unlike other diggers that need to be loaded into a different transport vehicle for mobilisation to the project site, this type of digger can be driven on the road to the project site. It is mainly characterised by two main parts; i.e., a backhoe for digging, and a bucket for loading.


This type of digger traces its roots to the farm tractor and is mainly used for construction, road, and mining projects. These behemoths are characterised by interchangeable large steel blades (each type designed for different purposes) in front of a tractor body that moves via caterpillar tracks.


First used in 1978, these types of diggers (also called telescopic handlers) are commonly used for agricultural as well as construction projects. Just like the backhoe loaders, this type of equipment can be driven to the project site because of its compact design. The main features of this digger are the telescopically-extendable arms with forklift attachments at the end. It is quite a versatile piece of equipment because the attachments can be changed for other activities. For example, shovel or gravel attachments are available for use.

As with any equipment used for construction purposes, you want to make sure you are certain what a digger can or cannot do. Getting the wrong one will mean you have spent money for equipment that is almost useless for your needs. Always consult with a reputable supplier who can advise you on the proper equipment to buy.