Impact Window Treatments Have on a Home’s Indoor Comfort

Weather in Australia, although amicable most of the time, can still become too high and hot during the summer season, and low and cold in winter. Thus, knowing what you can do to improve your home’s indoor comfort and maintain it can make a huge difference in its liveability.

Using the right window treatments is a good and affordable way to start. And with the availability of discount roller blinds, you don’t have to worry about the high costs typically associated with home improvement projects.

Improving Thermal Performance

Thermal performance, the energy transfer interaction and process between a building and the environment, can either make or break the comfortability and livability of your home.

At its core, it provides a way to estimate conditioned homes’ heating and cooling loads to gauge the building design’s effectiveness. This then aids in determining the improvements one can make to raise energy efficiency.

Impact of Window Treatments

Your windows, particularly the open ones, are responsible for the greatest amount of heat gains in the summer. They also permit as much as 40% heating energy losses in the winter.

This said, your energy efficiency improvement project should start with them. Just installing window coverings, such as roller blinds, can already prevent excessive heat entering your home, which defeats the purpose of your air conditioner. During chilly days, they help trap the heat from your furnace or boiler, enveloping your house in comfortable, cosy warmth.

The Added Benefits

Using quality window treatments can already improve indoor comfort while helping you save on both heating and cooling expenses.

However, they have many other benefits that make them worthy of your investment. For instance, these covers also act as a barrier against the sun’s UV rays that don’t just damage the other furnishings you have, but your health, too. They also effectively increase privacy.

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