Ideas to Make Your Bath Holiday Cheap But Enjoyable

There is a way to enjoy a quality travel experience in Bath without going bankrupt. That is if you  book cheap accommodation that will serve as your second home and avoid tourist traps.

Book a Cheap But Quality Accommodation

For your accommodation, you may settle for inexpensive luxury offered by a boutique B&B in Bath. You can have one in a peaceful neighbourhood, close to the city’s history centre for optimum benefits.

Free Attractions in Bath

There are a number of low-cost activities that will help make your Bath experience memorable and inexpensive. One of them is a walking tour facilitated by the honorary guides of the city mayor. This free walking tour takes off from Abbey Church Yard and onto other architectural and historical sites, which lasts for about two hours. There is no need to book for the walking tour in advance. All you need is to show up at specific times. You can book on any day of the week at 10:30am or 2:00pm.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage City, Bath has several landmarks and iconic attractions that are worth visiting. Best of all, a good lot of them does not require entrance fees. You might also love going outdoors or enjoying various parks where you can have relaxing strolls and sports activities. The Royal Crescent, the Victoria Art Gallery, the Holbourne Museum, and the Stonehenge are some notable attractions you cannot miss.

Along the way, your choices significantly influence your travel budget. When it comes to an important history centre such as this city in South West England, saving costs is possible since there are free attractions and affordable accommodation available.