How to Eliminate Bed Bug Habitats

a bed bug

You need to prepare your home properly before you try to eliminate bedbugs. Destroying bug habitats for good is an important step in getting your home ready for the treatment.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of bed bug habitats in your property:

1. Reduce Clutter

Bed bugs love clutter. Clutter means more of those dark hiding places for the bugs. A cluttered home also makes locating and treating bed bugs more difficult. Deny the bugs their favorite hiding places. But take precautions as you reduce clutter, so you may not spread the bugs.

Cover mattresses and box springs with strong encasement. Keep all clothing off your floor. Get rid of cardboard boxes, all stuff you no longer need, and excess newspapers and magazines. Once you clean infested items, store them in sealed plastic bags so that they will remain bug-free.

2. Caulk Cracks

Cracks, crevices, and other hard-to-reach spots are great hiding places for bed bugs. Caulk cracks and crevices in the walls and around baseboards. Dealing with the cracks before you use heat bed bug treatment method will also ensure that heat won’t escape the room and the treatment will be effective.

3. Check All Electrical Outlets

Inspect your electrical outlets and wall switches. If there is evidence of bugs, clean as needed. Caulk or tape the rims to prevent the pests from hiding behind the plates.

4. Check for Wallboard Damage and Loose Wallpaper

Bed bugs can hide under loose wallpaper and wall hangings. The pests may also move from one room to another through cracks in drywall. Check for wallboard damage and repair any damage immediately. Make sure your wallpaper is not loose either.

Preparing a bed bug infested home before treatment helps speed up the treatment process and reduce pest control costs. Eliminating bed bug habitats keeps the pests where you can find them, so you can kill them all. Follow these tips to ensure a successful pest control procedure.