How to Deal with a Broken Glass Window

Broken Glass Window

There are so many ways that a window glass can break. A falling tree branch, a strong storm or even a neighbour kid’s home run can partially or completely shatter a window. When left as is, a broken glass window could be dangerous; the shards alone are enough to cause injuries. Thus, it’s important to keep these things in mind when you have a broken window.

Assess the Damage

Without going too near the broken window, assess the stability of the window by looking at the windowpane and its surrounding frame. Check how far the glass shards have scattered to determine the size of the clean-up area. Apart from noting the glass on the floor, check for glass particles or shards on top of furniture, within cushions and behind furniture. Doing this will help you figure out whether the window needs to be repaired or replaced.

Clean Up the Broken Glass

Properly cleaning up broken glass prevents injuries and ensures the flooring and the furniture aren’t damaged. First things first: wear protective gloves. Carefully pick up the larger shards and the most visible pieces then double-bag all the glass in trash bags. When cleaning broken glass near hardwood or tile floors, gently sweep the glass first then vacuum slowly and carefully. This will reduce any floor scratches.

Call a Glass Repair Service

Contact a local glass repair company, particularly one that offers emergency glazing services. The quicker you get your broken window fixed, the less you’ll worry about water and insects entering through your broken window.

Secure the Window

While waiting for the glass repair company to arrive, it’s best to secure the window by completely covering the frame with a piece of plywood. Alternatively, you can use a heavy tarp to cover the broken window. This ensures that nothing gets in or out while you wait for the specialists to arrive.

Assessing the damage, cleaning up the broken glass, calling a glass repair service and securing the window are some things to keep in mind when one of your home’s windows break. Don’t forget to cordon off the area so that no one but the specialists can access the area.