How Much Water Does New Zealand Consume Each Day?

Sprinkler activating at a farm

New Zealand consumes more water than most countries with the average Kiwi using 227 litres per day, which indicates that households need to be more mindful of their water consumption.

The bathroom accounts for the most water used around the house, as each person consumes almost 155 litres on average for toilet, bathing and hygiene purposes.

Household supply

The kitchen accounts for 32 litres of water consumed every day while laundry and housekeeping work take 36 litres and five litres per day, respectively. You can reduce your water consumption by simply estimating it. Shorter showers may help in cutting the use of water by 15 litres per minute, or simply shutting off faucets lets you save 10 litres per minute.

The consumption rate indicates a need for water conservation and finding cleaner sources. For instance, a welldriller may explore new sources of freshwater from the ground not only for households but also for commercial purposes.

Commercial consumption

The Ministry for the Environment said irrigation consumes three times more water than for potable consumption. A thousand litres of water is equal to a cubic metre. In the 12 months to June 2014, irrigation used more than 5 billion cubic metres of ground and surface water while drinking water only accounts for less than 1.5 billion cubic metres.

Agriculture groups such as IrrigationNZ said comparing the two is unreasonable. Without irrigation, farmers will have a more difficult time to raise crops and livestock that would then affect the food supply chain.

Households and enterprises should do their part in saving water since it is a limited resource. This helps in controlling the cost of your water bill while helping the environment at the same time. Consider a water well construction project at home or business that can serve as a backup supply of clean water.