Here’s What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog with a Protein Diet

Dogs of different breeds

Normally, any type of dog breed will need 25% of protein intake for its daily nourishment. Although dogs are not picky eaters, you still need to monitor their food intake to avoid health complications. If you are clueless about how to go about your pet’s diet, there are ways to give your pet a low protein diet and still meet the recommended daily requirement.

Reduce Protein in Their Diet Periodically

The general reason for giving your pet low protein dog food is to make sure they don’t develop chronic illnesses or worsen any existing health condition due to regular consumption of excessive protein in their diet. If your dog is suffering from any kidney related condition, for example, protein reduction in their diet is essential and must be done immediately to help them recover and regain their health. There are many kinds of alternative dog food with the right nutrients like those recommended by Dave’s Pet Food that you can buy for your little buddy.

Determine Your Dog’s Daily Minimum Nutrient Requirement

The minimum level of protein content required for an adult dog’s daily food consumption is 18%. This measurement is on a dry food basis, as wet food contains diluted protein content. Having said that, dry dog food has higher levels of protein, so a cup of it versus a cup of wet food will have different protein percentage levels, thus, special attention is given when feeding your pet with dry food. This is where a low protein dog food comes in handy as it’s specifically formulated to contain less protein than regular dry food.

Understand the Health Benefits of a Low Protein Diet for Dogs

There are many lasting benefits of feeding your dog a low protein diet. This lowers the chance of any illness affecting the dog’s liver, kidney, and bladder to develop, which can become a chronic health issue. When a dog’s health is at the optimum level, they have an increased chance of living up to their maximum lifespan and a healthy one at that.

As pet parents, we care for our fur babies to the best that we can. And allowing them to consume a healthy diet is key to enjoying many healthy and happy years with them and saving you lots of trips to the vet’s ER. By introducing a positive change to their diet, you’re also enabling them to live their life to the best that it can ever be.