Getting Rid of Your Old Car: 3 Proper Ways to Do It

Once your car is no longer reliable as before, the first thing that comes to mind is to find a place where you could junk it. The idea of disposing of your old car, however, is not as simple as you think. It’s not like throwing your trash in the bin and wait for the garbage collectors to pick it up.

Fortunately, there are techniques you may use to dispose of your car properly. Here are some of them:

Trade in for a Newer and Better One

Cash for clunkers,” as it was colloquially called, is a rebate system that targets car owners who are interested in trading in their old and inefficient vehicles in exchange for a newer and better ride. Depending on the make and model of the car, people who avail this program are often eligible for credit limit amounting to no more than $4,500.

To qualify for this program, here are the basic criteria you may refer to:

  • The vehicle must be no less than 25 years
  • The car must be in a drivable condition
  • It should have a fuel-efficiency rating in no more than 18 miles per gallon.
  • It must be fully insured and is registered during the previous years.

Send and Sell to an Auto Recycling Shop

If a trade-in is no longer on your list of options, the best thing you could do is to send it to an auto recycling shop. Most of those scrapyards offer complete car scrappage service. The process will then allow them to salvage any recyclable and reusable parts. Aside from that, you are likely to earn money out of it, as most junkyards buy those parts. Make sure that when you choose this option, you find a good scrapyard.

Donate it to a Charity

Another great option you may consider if you want to get rid of your car is to send it to a charity program. This is totally a good idea if you are especially interested in doing volunteer works and other life-saving missions to help others. Make sure that the charity you have picked are certified 501(c)(3) organisations or else you might not be able to get any deduction or write off on your taxes.

Consider these options the next time you have a car to dispose of. Before you decide on which method to pick, be sure you have a full understanding of your goals and what you would like to get out of it. This way, it is easier to identify which among the three will benefit you the most.