Get Your Driving License Reinstated Quickly Following a Suspension

Driver holding steering wheel

There’s a lot of freedom that comes with getting behind the wheel and taking to the open Chicago roads. You get to be on time for your appointment and run your errands at the most convenient times. Again, depending on the kind of car you’re in, driving can be an enormous source of pride.

However, some run-in with the law can strip you of this privilege until you earn it back. If you have had your license revoked or suspended, the first step to getting it back is to get the best SR-22 auto insurance here in Chicago.

Proof of coverage

After a traffic violation or a DUI incident that led to the revocation or suspension of your license, you need proof of financial responsibility before the reinstatement. The proof entails filling out an SR-22 insurance certificate. It shows that you have an insurance coverage that meets the minimum liability coverage for a high-risk driver.

Some traffic infractions get the state skittish about your ability to keep safe on the road. To ease these doubt, you need to take on a higher than normal insurance coverage – one that can cover any damage you might cause.

Premium insurance rates

You’ll need to fill an SR-22 if you have had multiple traffic violations, a DUI, or even been in an accident without a valid car insurance. To this end, your driving record gets a big black mark and will get you high-risk insurance rates.

After purchasing an insurance policy with an SR-22, your insurer is required file the SR-22 certificate with Secretary of State in Springfield. Only then will you have your driving privileges restored. The black mark will remain on your record for at least three years before you’re taken off the high-risk tier.

During this time, you should avoid further traffic infringement and never fall behind on your insurance payments.

Getting some black marks on your driving records can have the state revoking or suspending your license. It is only by getting an insurance cover with an SR-22 certificate that you get your driving privileges back.