To Get or Not to Get a Lawyer: Do You Need One to Divorce?

A Divorce AgreementNot all marriages last. Some face multiple and complex problems, making divorce a necessity, if not a blessing. Some marriages don’t have as many problems, nothing too complicated, yet they still reach a point where the vows no longer work. Divorce is an option for failing marriages.

Suppose you’ve tried every reasonable effort to save your marriage – you’ve had an intervention of sorts from family and friends; you’ve talked it over at length; you’ve also seen a marriage counselor – but it still doesn’t stop you from wanting out. What should you do next?

Often, when the decision has been made, the question becomes, do you need lawyers or can you do this by yourselves? That depends. You should hire a divorce lawyer in Denver, CO, or whichever state you are in, if you have a complex problem and you are expecting to face each other in court. If you are not exactly hostile to each other and can work this out without fighting or blaming each other, perhaps you can get a no-fault divorce, even without a lawyer.

The Peaceful Separation

In some states, you are allowed to file for divorce after an extended length of time physically separated from each other. Whether this is the case or not, however, most states now agree to a no-fault divorce, which means you have irreconcilable differences and no longer wish to stay married. Even if you have children, as long as you can agree about child support and custody or parenting arrangements, you can still divorce without an attorney.

The Complicated Situation

This is usually the case if you can’t agree regarding your children, or when there is a lot of money or properties involved. If one spouse earns more than the other, it may also complicate things, such as alimony and child support. Division of assets or a business you own together can also make it harder to separate amicably. For complex divorces, you should consider hiring a lawyer.

Other circumstances may point you in the right direction as far as hiring or not hiring an attorney is concerned. For example, if you are the victim of spousal abuse, that’s a red flag that you need a lawyer, and perhaps a TRO.

Money is a huge consideration for many people, so if you can divorce quietly and peacefully, then do it. If your spouse starts making things complicated or hires a lawyer anytime during the process, don’t hesitate to get your own legal representation.