For Doctors: Tips to Make It Through 6-Hour Surgeries

Operating Room nurses and doctor

A six-hour surgery is never an easy task. But with the right surgical tools and room environment, you can always make it through it. To survive long surgical procedures, this guide will give you some tips and ideas.

Get better-performing surgical tools

Getting better-performing surgical tools, such as non-stick bipolar forceps instead of a generic pair contributes to the ease and precision you experience during the surgery. This type of forceps is usually titanium-made, making it tougher, lighter, and less likely to cause arm fatigue during extensive procedures.

Also, non-stick bipolar forceps deliver optimum control, precision, safety, and efficiency during surgery. This is beneficial, especially if the procedure entails bipolar electrosurgery.

Dress comfortably during the surgery

Knowing that the surgery is going to take many hours, you should wear comfortable clothes and footwear. Preparing a snug (but operation-ready) outfit reduces the discomfort you might experience during the procedure. It helps you focus on making the surgery a huge success without writhing in pain due to sore feet.

Be at ease with a leaner chair in place

Having a leaner chair during a long surgery makes you feel at ease whilst doing the procedure. There are leaner chairs, or even wearable chairs around that reduce the tension on your back and distribute the weight evenly on your upper body. That said, you won’t need to endure shoulder and back pains after the procedure.

Make the room atmosphere lighter

Finally, the best way to survive a 6-hour surgery is to create an operating room with a lighter atmosphere. You can achieve this by playing music or talking to your team about fun, random, and non-surgery related stuff – as long as it doesn’t compromise your surgery delivery and performance.

Also, encouraging yourself and your team to speak in a calm voice highly contributes to a good operating room atmosphere. It prohibits tension and miscommunication during the procedure. Keeping a calm self and environment also assures everyone that the surgery is going to be successful.

Making it through a 6-hour surgery is easier when you follow these tips. Keep this guide handy to ensure success on your next procedures.