Endocrinology: What Are The Popular Hormones And Their Roles In Health?

People have a habit of blaming hormones. When women become extra cranky, they blame their hormones. When teens become stubborn, they blame the hormones and puberty. When expectant mothers cry a lot, hormones are also blamed. However, hormones are more than just the ones that could predispose these effects. They are essential in the body, and without them, your systems are in chaos.

Hormones are vital in regulating the activities of the body. They are also there to keep the body in a stable state. Even just a small fluctuation in the hormone levels would cause severe health consequences. Here are your top hormones and their functions.


Among men, one of the most popular hormones is testosterone. Though both males and females have testosterone, it’s more abundant in males, and it’s responsible for their manly physique. The testes secrete testosterone to help increase muscle mass, strength, and brain function.

However, minimal amounts of testosterone would cause detrimental health effects such as higher level of fats, increased risk of heart disease and decreased libido. To check for your testosterone levels, you can consult with an expert in endocrinology from Revere Health in American Fork.


Stored and released by the pancreas, insulin is a vital hormone and having low levels may lead to diabetes. Insulin works by assisting the entry of glucose into the different cells of the body. When there is a low level of insulin, glucose can’t enter the cells leading to increased blood sugar levels.

Diabetes has a string of complications that could take a toll on someone’s life such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and vision loss.

Thyroid Hormones

Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism, and they decide whether someone is thin or fat, depending on how much hormones they produce. An under active hormone may lead to weight gain because their metabolism is sluggish. An overactive hormone, on the other hand, can boost the metabolism, making the person thin and can burn calories faster.

These are the most popular from the long list of hormones. The bottom line is, hormones are important, having no homeostasis or balance in the body could lead to detrimental health effects.