Debunking Misconceptions About Clear Retainers

a clear retainer

Clear retainers are a common orthodontic appliance. However, they are still shrouded in mystery. It’s easy to understand how they work, but they don’t get the credit that they deserve. Here are the most stubborn misconceptions about invisible retainers from companies like Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab:

General Dentists Can Apply Them

Even if you can get clear retainers from your trusted, general dentist, you shouldn’t. Orthodontics is a specialized field that renders anyone without advanced education and training unqualified. Receiving an unsuitable and therefore ineffective appliance is the worst-case scenario.

They Are Optional

Like clear aligners, invisible retainers are removable. However, having the freedom to take them off is different from the freedom to not use them at all. Your orthodontist might recommend a retention strategy to deliver excellent results.

After all, invisible retainers are for the last phase of your orthodontic treatment. Skipping them might make your teeth revert to misalignment, diminishing the gains of wearing aligners for a long time.

They Are Needlessly Clear

Many people think that retainers only need to be worn overnight. This isn’t exactly true. At first, you might be required to wear them for a certain period. The invisibility of clear retainers helps you keep a low profile as you complete your treatment.

They Serve No Other Medical Purpose

The use of retainers can go beyond straightening teeth and correcting bites. Studies show that they also help reduce the chances of diabetes-related illnesses. Children with snoring and breathing problems at night can benefit from them, too. Young people living with speech impediments find it easier to utter sounds and improve their vocabulary.

Do you want to dispel any erroneous belief about clear retainers? Don’t ask for clarification or confirmation from anyone except experienced orthodontists. Otherwise, you will continue to live with crooked teeth.