Cost-Effective Marketing: Digital Marketing Strategies that Won’t Break the Bank

Internet Marketing is Cost Effective

Before the internet, people would advertise their products and services via print ads, radio announcements, and TV commercials. TV commercials have the broadest reach, but producing an ad and paying for airtime costs a lot. For example, for a 30-second TV ad, a company will have to pay a local television channel up to $1500. For national stations, the cost can reach up to hundreds of thousands. And this is not even including the budget for actually creating the ad, in the first place.

Thanks to the Internet, however, there are other marketing alternatives that are more cost-efficient while also reaching a wide audience. It doesn’t matter if your business is located in San Francisco or Massachusetts, internet marketing agencies can help you reach potential clients across the country with the proper strategy on digital channels.

Note, though, that digital marketing is an investment for which you have to shell out an initial cost. But, unlike with TV, your online ad is visible for longer and is visible on demand. You do not have to rely on a schedule set by a TV station – your online ad is visible to internet users

Content Marketing

Content is the backbone of the internet. Nearly everything online involves and includes content: websites. articles, videos, and images, just to name a few examples of content.

You can use your content to provide valuable information to your readers by guest posting on niche sites or a blogger’s site. You can also post content on your own website. In doing so, you make your more aware of your brand while also providing them with answers to their questions.

Social Media Marketing

Although the most popular and populous platform is Facebook, social media is a general term that includes many channels like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

If you are new to social media marketing, don’t be tempted to try everything at once, because each of these platforms calls for a unique approach – that is, if you want your campaigns to be effective. You can play it safe by advertising on Facebook first, which offers flex targeting. This allows you to home in on profiles that match two or more filters that you set. Meaning, your ad specifically reaches your target market.

Although you have to pay to play, most social media channels offer reasonable costs for ad spaces.

Google Analytics’ Smart Goals

Internet marketing strategies also include tracking your online campaigns. Many startups fail to monitor their online ads, which is a mistake as it becomes difficult to track and scale the campaign’s results.

One way to stay on top of your online efforts is with Google Analytics’ Smart Goals. Smart Goals can automatically create buyer personas from anonymous data. Then, it tracks how much of your traffic is substantial. For example, it monitors how many visitors purchased your product or service online. Through this, Google can help you make your ads more effective.

The internet presents a good opportunity for easier consumer-provider communication. Without drying up your budget, you can use the internet as an effective – and affective – marketing channel. You can start with high-quality content and high-impact social media engagement.