Cool Facts about Your A/C You Probably Did Not Know

Air Conditioner Inside a Room

The discovery of the air conditioning unit enabled people to enjoy the convenience of living in comfort even in scorching weather conditions. You may even find it extremely difficult now to imagine life without the ever-dependable A/C. However, have you asked yourself how this awesome device came to be?

Before you call your air conditioning repair service in Salt Lake City to have your unit checked or fixed, consider these little-known facts about the A/C you probably did not know.

Inventor had a different purpose

In 1902, Willis Carrier created AC with a different purpose in mind and cooling is not one of them. It was a tool to control the humidity of the atmosphere in the printing company where he worked. He invented it because he noticed that changes in temperature directly affect the ink as well as the quality of prints they produced.

Officially released in 1925

It officially debuted as an air cooling system in 1925 at the Rivoli Theater in Time Square, New York. Carrier made several modifications to the original system by adding centrifugal chiller and compressor as well as reduces the size drastically. From there on, the air conditioning unit had been in wide use in almost every part of the country.

Failure to clean the usual culprit

The number one cause of troubles or problems in A/C units is due to the owner’s inability to clean it on a regular basis, followed by faulty installation and poor servicing. This is why it is important that you maintain and take care of your unit regularly.

They do more than just cool air

Air conditioners do more than just cool the air. They are also responsibility in eliminating humidity and neutralizing the temperature in your area. This is why AC systems have evaporators and condensers – one is responsible for removing the hot air while the other is to generate cool and refreshing air.

The AC system has indeed come a long way. From a simple tool to moderate the humidity in a printing plant, it has now become an essential mechanism to ensure the comfort and convenience of every homeowner in the country.