Consider a Career in Supply Chain Management for 2 Compelling Reasons

Warehouse workers looking at inventory

Although many people gravitate towards online shopping, few give much thought to the behind the scene processes that makes it so efficient. Giant online stores fill tens of thousands of orders every day.

The need to polish and streamline these processes gives rise to lucrative but often overlooked logistics careers, which firms such as will help you with.

By joining this bandwagon, you will work in supply chain management, which is the lifeblood of any organization. You will ensure that customers receive their purchases in a timely fashion.

It’s a trillion-dollar industry

The logistics business in the United States ships about $48 billion worth of products daily. At the global scale, the sector boasts a turnover of over eight trillion dollars. Most people work behind the scenes to ensure that the 48 million tons of freight get to their destination without a hitch.

The vibrant sector employs over six million people and is looking to add another quarter of a million yearly. Insider sources intimate there is indeed a shortage of qualified workers in the sector.

Given the volumes of goods involved, the sector is undergoing radical changes such as embracing technology to cope with the growing demand.

It’s not all about dusty factory floors

At the mention of the supply chain, most people will defer to a bunch of people driving forklifts in some backwater warehouse. Well, that’s one component of the system, but it doesn’t paint the entire picture.

There is a growing demand for other skilled workers including marketers, data, and systems analysts, as well as human resources specialists. As automation takes root in the sector, it opens the door for a higher caliber of workers with different specialties.

See, supply chain encompasses more than just receiving and shipping out products. It also entails managing customer expectations, which calls for more refinement and skills than just packing crates.

Supply chain management holds the promise of a rich and fulfilling career as you work to fill the needs of various shoppers. As the sector evolves, so do the employment opportunities available.