Complications That Might Come with Impacted Wisdom Teeth

A man having a tooth ache

The primary indicator of a problem with your wisdom teeth can come as a sharp stabbing pain or a dull ache as your teeth press on the nerves. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, your dentist in West Jordan may recommend removal. Even though it is normal not to want the removal procedure, if left unattended, they can result in some issues as follows.

Development of Cysts on Gums

Even though rare, cysts are a possible serious complication that can result from impacted wisdom teeth. While growing, wisdom teeth are enclosed in a sac. And if this sac becomes full of fluid, cysts develop. This results in extensive damage to the nerves, teeth and the jawbone. In extreme cases, a benign tumor may develop necessitating removal of the tissue and the bone.

Realignment and Damage to Adjacent Teeth

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth have minimal space left for them to erupt and develop. Therefore, in the process of pushing over the other teeth to create space for themselves, wisdom teeth cause misalignment of the rest of the teeth. In other cases, the impacted teeth rub aggressively against the other teeth increasing infection risk and causing damage.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

When partially erupted, it is hard to clean teeth. This is because of the sensitivity and pain that surrounds the area. Unfortunately, this provides room for food particles to get stuck, hence feeding bacteria in the mouth. This results in inflammation, pain, and loss of teeth, due to tooth decay and gum diseases.

If you have any signs of impacted wisdom teeth, or you are having unexplained headaches and pain in your mouth, it is critical to visit your dentist immediately. They will perform an x-ray to determine the primary cause of your discomfort and will start a treatment plan immediately.