Bound for Separation: Top Three Things That Lead to Divorce

torn piece of paper with divorce text and paper couple figurestorn piece of paper with divorce text and paper couple figures

Divorce cases do not just happen instantly. They are a case for separation that happens through build-ups and time—a period where the lapses of both parties are not properly addressed. Marriage, in essence, is supposed to be strengthened and made better over time. But there will also be challenges that will come every couple’s way. If these challenges are not properly dealt with, the relationship runs the risk of being corroded.

There are some situations that you and your spouse should watch out for. And when you spot them, take the time to address them. Below are some of the things that lead to divorce, as attested by The Burnham Law Firm, P.C., marriage counselors and divorce attorney in Boulder CO.

Critical Judgment

Spouses are not supposed to be critical of each other. Remember, you can be honest without being critical. If you constantly criticize your spouse’s every action, there is a chance that they will be defensive about it. The subsequent reactions will then lead to unhealthy conversations and arguments, which are another problem you ought to solve.


Cheating is not always a sign that your partner is not satisfied with you. There are many times that a person commits it just to hurt the spouse or take a nasty revenge on them. Cheating will then result in more serious problems, such as arguments. And if these are not addressed, the only solution will be the dissolution of the marriage.


When the efforts of a spouse to solve the problem are being ignored, there is a chance that they are being stonewalled. Stonewalling is a deliberate means of building a wall around a person to block off any attempt for conversation. It incites frustration and anger, which can then lead to arguments.

One of the ways to keep divorce at bay is by watching out for the signs above. You can also seek the counsel of reliable marriage advisor and attorney to protect your marriage.