Best Industries for Entry-Level Mechanical Engineering Jobs

A technical engineer

A technical engineerEngineering is among the fastest-growing and high-demand sectors in the current job market. Engineers are not only book-smart but also forward-thinking individuals. After graduation, you need to translate your brainpower into landing the best entry-level job.

The first step is to get the best engineering recruiters to link you with potential employers. They will help you build an attractive career portfolio to attract the best employers. Here are some of the best industries you should consider to start a long and fruitful career.

Machinery Manufacturing

This industry employs the most mechanical engineers because of the need for mechanical insight and technical skills. Jobs in the machinery manufacturing industry center on assembly and manufacturing of machine components.

Employers in this industry look for graduates with a good grasp of technical skills and a capability to simulate and solve problems with the right machines.

Electronics and Computer

For graduate engineers with a digital bent, this is the best industry. Mechanical engineers in this industry work on the designing and production of peripherals, computers, and electronics for the medical, telecommunications and navigation industries.

With the increasing advancement of digital devices, this is one industry with tremendous growth potential. An essential skill most employers in this industry look for is heat transfer analysis.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Graduates interested in spacecraft and aircrafts will find various options in the aerospace industry. The scope of engineers in this industry ranges from the designing and manufacture of individual components to entire devices.

The ability to critically analyze devices in this industry is vital. Apt knowledge of CAE and CAD platforms is hence an essential skill.

Engineering services jobs comprise roles in consulting firms and providers of technical solutions to an array of industries. Most graduates in this field work on specific projects under contracts.

This sector employs the most graduate engineers since it covers various projects. These range from architecture and construction, systems design and industrial process design.