Alcoholism: Is Faith the Answer?

a drunk man presses a bottle of whisky against his head

Utah has consistently ranked as the state that consumes alcohol the least in the United States. This statistic looks good, but if you research further, you will find out that among the group that does drink, heavy drinking and binge drinking rates remain identical to national rates. In fact, Utah has the seventh-highest rate of alcohol poisoning deaths in the country.

Health itself is not the only concern for this group–eventually, an alcoholic may have to deal with healthcare costs, accidents that result from drunk driving, the possibility of domestic violence and sexual assault, and other consequences. Fortunately, addiction recovery in Utah is possible with the help of Renaissance Ranch Outpatient.

Is there a way out?

A lot of alcoholics attempt to quit on their own once they realize that they have a serious problem. While attempting to quit without assistance can be successful in isolated cases, most end up relapsing. Chronic alcoholics also risk severe withdrawal symptoms that could be fatal without a doctor around to monitor them.

To avoid relapsing, patients need a strong support network to stand by them on their journey to recovery. Being involved in a religious community is one such way of having a support network. Alcoholics may feel helpless in the face of their addiction, but it is in this state of surrender that God can renew them as individuals.

How Faith Helps

When you lean towards rehabilitation centers that are centered on the gospels, you cut off the unhealthy influences in your life. You will be able to realize that the problem is not just alcohol itself, but your heart and its desires–and faith can change those. You can also find advice and encouragement from the people in the community who have already been saved from their vices.

In the end, faith will not only help alcoholics turn away from their vices, but also from the parts of themselves that triggered their addiction in the first place.