5 Measures to Boost Plasma Cutting Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Produce Quality Cuts

Plasma cutting machine during operation

Plasma cutter operators need to be precise in their cutting to make good use of time, keep production costs within budget, and make clean metal cuts. Certain problems can hinder manufacturing processes, but you can do a number of things to prevent them from happening again.

Even with a plasmacam table, you still need to maintain your plasma cutters occasionally. Bad cuts can result in unmaintained plasma cutters. With a well-maintained torch, you can avoid starting all over again because of bad cuts. The preventive measures below can help boost your efficiency, reduce costs, and make clean metal cuts:

Swap Spent Consumables

As you perform plasma-cutting tasks, your cutter’s consumables will wear out eventually. Worn out consumables can lead to damage to the plasma torch and produce bad cut quality in the metal. Once you notice that your torch’s consumables have been spent, replace them accordingly.

Consumed Consumables

Signs that indicate worn consumables include gouge marks on the outside or inside of the cutter’s nozzle. A shattered or worn hole or a well-spent electrode also indicate worn consumables. Watch out for other signs to know when you replace cutter consumables.

Monitor the Flow

Monitor gas and coolant flow every day, as these help with cutting and cooling consumables. Problems with the flow can only damage your plasma cutter. Any anomalous sign with either flow, you have to investigate further for any complication.

Clean Every Day

Clean your plasma cutters every day. Any contamination on the cutter can lead to cutter damage. Make sure to clean the internal and external torch threads, the nozzle, and the electrode seating areas. Use a cotton swab dipped in electrical contact cleaner or hydrogen peroxide.

As you may have noticed, all you need is to be efficient and cost-effective to produce quality cuts and maintain your plasma cutter better. Properly maintained plasma cutters never fail you.