5 Issues That Can Make Your Garage Door Open by Itself

Have you ever seen a garage door or gate ‘open by itself’? While the problem is not common, it’s possible for a garage door to open on its own. Here are five reasons that can make your garage door open by itself and how to fix the problem:

Electrical problem

A power surge can cause the electronic circuit board inside the door opener to malfunction. If the board is damaged, you may need to replace it and reprogram your remote.

Random signals from the remote

Your remote can send out random signals and cause the garage to open randomly. In such a case, the remote may be defective, or its batteries may be wearing out or dead.

Radio interference

Sometimes, CB or police radios and close-by radio towers or stations can interfere with garage doors openers. Your garage door may also ghost open if a neighbor has a similar code or frequency. If you think someone has a similar opener frequency, change your code. If the frequency problem persists, call an emergency gate repair professional in New York for proper a diagnosis and solution.

Accumulation of snow or ice

If the threshold of the garage door is not kept clean during winter, snow or ice can accumulate. Consequently, the garage door’s mechanism can butt up against the buildup and reverse the door.

Misalignment of the opener’s photoelectric reversal system

Sensor housings that are out of alignment can cause the beam to be cut off, making the opener assume there is an object along the path of the door’s descent. The opener then automatically reopens the door. If this is the problem, the beams will need realigning.

Your garage door opener’s ghost movement is a big security problem. For your peace of mind, ask a garage door repair expert to inspect and fix your garage door. The visit will help you identify the real cause of the problem, as well as the best solution.