4 Clever Ways Thieves Can Break Into Your Home, And How to Prevent Them

Thieves are getting smarter and more creative with their stealing methods. In O’Fallon, Missouri, for example, a group of thieves took advantage of Pokemon Go’s popularity; it used the app to lure players into remote areas before doing the robbing. They were able to victimize 12 people before the police busted them.

Your home is not safe, as well, with these creative tactics. Homeowners like you might forget to monitor key locations in your property that robbers target. For instance, first-floor windows account for 23 percent of all burglaries, according to security system companies, such as RAM Systems Integration, LLC. Here are four smart ways burglars could break into your house, and how to prevent them:

Mailbox Pile Up

When you go on a trip, it’s very likely that letters and bills will start piling up in your mailbox. Such will give the robbers an idea that the house is unoccupied, making it an easy target. Have someone collect your mail while you’re away.

Information in Your Dumpster

Thieves will go through your garbage not to find valuable items you accidently threw away but in hopes of retrieving personal details about you. They can then assume your identity with the information and have a locksmith unlock your home.

It’s better to shred documents bearing your personal information, like a bank statement or account passwords. Also, make sure your trash is collected regularly so it would not catch the attention of would-be intruders.

Social Media Overshare

Be careful of what you upload to your Facebook. Plans for your trips or events you’re attending provide thieves vital information on when you will be out the house. Double check the privacy setting of your social media accounts and minimize posting about your plans in detail on the internet.

Power Outages

Thieves may also break into your home during scheduled power outages. Cutting off the power will make your security alarms useless. As much as possible, make sure all your safety devices have a battery-powered backup.

Observant, determined and resourceful thieves are usually successful in their burglaries. The key to preventing them is to be a few steps ahead of them.