3 Tips to Manage Pain If You’re Wearing Braces

Are you planning to get braces this year in Boise? While people have a different tolerance for pain, one thing is for sure: you’re bound to experience pain for quite some time. But the good thing to know is that pain is part of the treatment, and you’ll get used to it eventually.

Still, Caring Smiles Dental Clinic shares some pain management tips for people who wear braces.

  1. Eat Softer Foods

As soon as you get your braces, you’ll find it harder to eat the normal foods you like such, even chips. This is because chewing can be such a chore and it can cause you to feel more pain. So go for softer foods for now like mashed potatoes, smoothies, soups, and yogurt.

Bonus: you’ll get to lose weight because you don’t feel like eating for a while.

  1. Chill. Get cool.

It’s hard to keep your cool if your entire mouth hurt but this is a good tight to eat some cold treats like ice creams, gelato, and even tasty sorbets. This is because cold foods can help decrease any swelling and relieve pain. Just make sure you don’t eat too much sugary cold foods. Or you can always use an ice pack.

  1. Try Some OTC Pain Reliever

Before taking any OTC pain management medicine, you need to talk and check with your dental provider. And remember not to rely on pain relievers. Otherwise, you might end up taking medication for the rest of your treatment, which could take between six months to one year.

Getting Braces is Worth It

Many people put off getting braces because they fear the pain that comes with it. While you can always delay for many reasons, fear shouldn’t be one of them. Remember that the painful but temporary sensation is part of the dental treatment.