3 Rules in Using Fonts for Your Business Website

Fonts word on a laptop screen

Good web design is a sum of the right elements, from eye-catching graphics to aesthetically pleasing colors. There’s one good element though that almost always becomes an afterthought—fonts. Fonts aren’t minimal detail. When choosing fonts for your business website, take note of these three golden rules:

Refer to your brand playbook

Choosing fonts shouldn’t be a hassle if you have a brand playbook because you only need to be consistent with the rules there. If your playbook is still on the draft though, in the meantime, consider the image your brand wants to portray online. Is your brand personality quirky and fun? Or do you want to be portrayed as professional and competent?

In general, if you have a traditional business, you want to stick to sans serif types of fonts. But if you’re a more playful brand, you can explore decorative types. Web design experts from xxiibrands.com can help you greatly not just in picking fonts, but also in making sure that your fonts reflect the brand personality you’re aiming for.

Be consistent

You should be consistent in the use of fonts on your site. Some brands have different fonts for different pages, but that just makes the whole thing cluttered. The general rule web designers follow is to stick to a maximum of three different typographies. And when you select your secondary fonts, they should match the primary one. Get fonts from the same family to avoid a messy look.

Keep in mind the font’s details

Size matters in fonts. It will dictate not only its readability but emphasis as well. You need to determine how big your titles and subtitles are, and at the same time, consider a reader-friendly paragraph text size. Take note of the visual weight of the font as well. Is it going to be in bold, in italic, or with underline? The importance of the text will dictate this. Usually, calls-to-action should have more visual weight than informational texts.

Is your website using fonts right? Or are you considering revamping your website? Remember these rules when reviewing your site’s typography.