3 Modern Orthodontic Appliances All Dentists Should Have


The dental industry has come a long way. In fact, over the decades, many innovative technology and tools have emerged in the practice. These improve the services provided by dentists, particularly orthodontists.

Dental health is important to prevent oral diseases that can affect the patient’s talking and eating abilities. In some cases, the teeth may become crowded and misaligned. These problems may cause serious problems later on. Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with these oral health issues.

With the use of modern orthodontic appliances, like an invisible retainer, orthodontists can correct these abnormalities. Here are some of the modern orthodontic appliances that dentists should have today:

1. Invisalign Treatment

For people who don’t want a mouth full of metal but want straighter teeth, Invisalign treatment is ideal. It’s a technology wherein transparent aligners are used to help straighten the teeth. These aligners are changed every week until the patient achieves the straight teeth they want. Aside from transparent aligners, Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab noted that invisible retainers are also used.

2. Vibration Equipment

Orthodontic supply companies are now distributing modern appliances to orthodontists. One of the most promising equipment is the AcceleDent, which uses vibrations to make small movements through the tooth and base of the root. But, the dentists still need to apply regular braces during the treatment. The vibrations will help fasten the time needed for the treatment.

3. 3D Imaging

Now, orthodontists may use 3D imaging to have precise and accurate images of the oral cavity. These breakthrough technology devices will help improve diagnosis and treatment in the field of dentistry. Digital study models will help dentists plan the course of treatment more efficiently.

Today, with the development and continuous innovation of technology, the world of dentistry provides more efficient care to their patients. Aside from that, the discomforts of past orthodontic treatments will be reduced.